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Professional trader, activist short seller, entrepreneur. The BOSS.
Guy’s keen strategic insight and mounting trading knowledge have allowed him to develop multi-able trading strategies and build successful trading business. Since launching Speedtrader in 1999, he has founded numerous other financial companies including a high-frequency trading firm GBox Trading.

Eager to broaden his range Guy ventured into a variety of industries throughout his business endeavours.  In 2011, Guy launched his Bahamas-based broker/dealer SureTrader is one of the largest online brokers for day trading, with thousands of traders relying on it every day.
Let the facts speak for themselves:
  •  Successfully launched Speed Trader in 1999:   Ranked  as one of the fastest growing  private companies in America by Inc. magazine and a Ranked Top Online Broker by Barron's Four years in a row.

  •   Launched Sure Trader in 2011:  Ranked by Barron's as Top on line broker in 2011.

  •  Founded ProTrade Securities and GBOX Trading :  High Frequency trading firm trading nearly 1% of the market`s volume at it`s peak.
  •  Over 20 Years of trading Experience and Successfully developed many profitable trading algorithms.
  •  We Trade IPO's, Breakouts, Trend reversal all using Technical Analysis and some Fundamental Analysis.

Watch Guy calling the Top of the Crypto Market on Live on Bloomberg TV.
Day Trader in the Market 
NEW YORK POST   “Their office in New York has been empty,” Guy Gentile, the CEO of brokerage SureTrader, which has been shorting the stock, told The Post. “I had someone go there 10 times.” Symbol LFIN - Halted!

NEW YORK POST  “The KodakCoins are completely useless,” Guy Gentile, CEO of brokerage Suretrader who’s short 500,000 shares, told The Post. Symbol KODK - Drops over 50%

BLOOMBERG Symbol: SureTrader CEO Guy Gentile Wary of Crypto Craze
Guy Gentile, SureTrader's chief executive officer, discusses Long Island Iced Tea's shift to focusing on exploring opportunities involving blockchain technology. Symbol: LBCC - LBCC Delisted from Nasdaq!

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Don`t trade alone

 Live sessions conducted online by Guy Gentile, and his team offer a pragmatic, real-world perspective of day trading the stock market in real time for the active trader. Trading begins at 9:30 am and ends at 4:00 pm ET Monday thru Friday.   

Learn trading charts and patterns

 As a technical trader, good charts are very important, and furthermore, explaining trade ideas over the live stream will allow you to spot an opportunity easily, and follow along as Guy clearly explains the setups we are playing in our day trading chat room. 

Watch live trades

Guy and his team of day traders identify, explain, and execute live trades that our members can follow and learn from in real time – while watching our screens and listening to our thought process along the way.

Learn from professional traders

Follow and learn from Guy and his day trader stars via live screen and audio sharing with step-by-step commentary. 

Be nosy, ask questions

The powerful, open source day trading chat room is open 24/7 with real-time trade alerts. Watch us research news articles, use fundamental trade strategies, and trade. Get connected and feel the difference in a welcoming, professional community of talented traders and moderators who are working together as a team to profit in the market on a daily basis. 

Live Screen Share with a Voice and Chat

Follow and learn from a day trader pro in action! The live screen share is our most powerful feature, allowing us to give you detailed trade plans from entry to exit, with live commentary and live alerts.
Join our LIVE trading chat ROOM
Join our LIVE trading chat ROOM
Start your TWO week FREE access to our LIVE trading room.
Two week FREE Trial cancel any time.
April 20, 2018 Trade Profits - Live Trades NOT hypothetical!
Over the last 16 years I've been fortunate to witness Guy's growth as a true businessman and entrepreneur. During our work together into our careers it became clearly evident Guy was and is extremely self-motivation and dedicated to his client's success. These unique skills and personal traits have proved to be valuable assets and will serve him well in the future. Guy is an expert in his field and a trusted friend.
Martin Sonoman
Business Consulting and Education, CT
Franklin Hallock
Vice President at MassMutual Finical Group, NY
Guy is a professional on all levels he knows his business as well as the business of the people that he does business with. He is detail oriented and knows the ins ans outs of everything he does. He does not loose sight of the big picture.
Guy is an extremely knowledgable financial professional, day trader,  coder and one of the hardest working people I know. He strives to be client focused and his passion for trading and the investment markets really shines through.
Eric Knoll
CEO and Co-founder at P-Cube, DC
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