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    Jason K.

    Active Trading Room Member

    "I have been in other chat rooms and have never felt as comfortable as I do here. From the moment that I entered the Day Trader Pro trading chat room I started learning. My learning curve went from a 3 to a 10+. I have been more confident putting on trades than I have ever been before. The mentors and fellow members are like family, always there to answer a question, Encourage progress and success, and walk you through a trade step by step. I have found my new home. Best of all, now I am Making money and my account is finally growing."

    "Great trading strategy tips by @daytraderpro . Must check out Guy's trade breakdown on short squeeze vid."



    David Stincer

    Active Trading Room Member

    "I am so glad I ran across @DayTraderPro. This was a game changer for me, after nearly blowing up my entire account. I had given up on trading. I went into the private chat room they had, I all I did was watch for about 2 weeks to see if this was real or not. I have been in many chat rooms I will say I was impressed. These guys are pros at what they do. I am very thankful to Alpha, Guy and Coffee. Watching you guys trade is very cool. Thanks again for saving me a lot of money."

    "He called it - $AEZS ! And I was there to watch the action happen. #daytraderpro #tradelikeaboss "

    Austin D.

    Active Trading Room Member

    "My trading has increased massively since I started trading in the DayTradePro Chatroom ! There are a lot of Chat rooms and Traders on the internet but honestly I would put DaytradePro at the top because listening to Professionals talk throughout the day discussing why they entered and exited a trade is extremely beneficial to me. I don't want to be just a retail trader, I am young and have big dreams of owning businesses and being on the Forbes Under 30 list. Having a mentor with the background that Guy Gentile has is a blessing and having full access to pick his and the other Pro Traders brain should be worth millions. To the people that want to join but are unsure I would say this, If you played basketball would you rather get coach and mentored by a college Basketball player or a Retired Hall of Famer that has been through it all? Guy Gentile and the DayTradePRo team are highly experienced talented traders and honestly I consider myself lucky to trade with them!."

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