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The Most Complete Day Trading Training Course...

The Fastest Way To Learn How To MAKE Big MONEY Day Trading

The DayTraderPRO Academy Trading Course features over 100 hours of live trading backed by lessons for you to learn from. The course is specifically designed for traders at every step of their journey to becoming real professionals - from beginners to near experts! Take this course and cut your learning curve by more than half whilst minimising your risk and learning how to earn right away!



Years Trading




Video Lessons


Hours of Live Trading resources

Let Me Show You How To Turn Strategy Into Big Profits


Under the guidance of 20-year day trading pro, Guy Gentile, we’ve built a comprehensive video trading course using the time-tested strategies uses by Pros to take control of the market. The course is designed for traders at all levels, and has what it takes to turn you from beginner to advanced. Now you can learn how to navigate and adapt in ANY market scenario- just like the pros!

  • Over 8.5 Hours of Video Lessons & 125 Hours of Explained Live Trading

  • ​Time-Tested and Profitable Strategies for Real-World Market Scenarios

  • BONUS: One Month Access to the LIVE TRADING ROOM 


The Only Market-Based Course We Know Of




Teaching You How The Pros Beat The Market


This course is designed for traders who are eager to learn what works in real-life trading and how market pros navigate different market scenarios and execute live strategies. More importantly, it is designed for those of you who wish to join the Pros who are making money out of the market. The big difference is that this course isn't full of theory that takes ages to learn, but will actually be useless to you when you try to make money day trading. That's why I've built this course around real, live market action, so that I can teach you exactly what you need to know in order to start making a living day trading. Starting with the basics, we proceed to more advanced topics. You will see my team and I apply all the concepts discussed live, and you'll get an inner peak at our processes. I did not choose the topics to be discussed in advanced. It's all chosen based on what the market demanded.

  • Build A Solid Day Trading Foundation

  • ​What To Look For In A Winning Trade

  • Understand The Strategies That Make Money

  • How to Navigate REAL Market Conditions

  • Test What You Learn With (Not Against) The Pros LIVE

Get Instant Access to THE Most Comprehensive Trading Course Out There!

Learn to Trade Like The Pros with The Most Complete Day Trading Course Designed by Pro-Trader Superstar Guy Gentile

For the trader serious about taking their trading to the pro-level - welcome to the ultimate, all-access Day Trading Pro course.

Here's What The Course Contains Inside...

Behind the Scenes: Guy's Life As A Trader

Getting Started: Day Trading Basic

Understanding Day Trading Strategies

Live Trading Lessons

Fundamentals of Day Trading

Guy's Pro Tips to Becoming a Successful Day Trader

Learn On The Go, From Your Office, Home Or In Your Car

Course Content and Dashboard Mobile Friendly, Available on Laptops, iPads, Phones & Regular Desktops

The Academy Course Makes It EASY To Learn Day Trading

Guy’s DayTrader Pro video courses and LIVE trading room are the most effective ways to learning and growing as a professional trader.
While learning how to read and utilize charts and patterns, and apply strategies, you’re also watching and practicing LIVE with PROS with over 20+years of trading experience.
Our integrated learning approach ensures you’re retaining the foundation of the strategies and practice.

The Academy Course Has Produced Millionaires. Many Are Members Of This Exclusive Circle...


Join the Winner's Circle

Whether you're a beginner just starting out as a day trader to make a side income, or you're a more advanced trader making a full income out of day trading, by purchasing and completing the Academy Course you become eligible to enter the Winner's Circle. We have reserved this exclusive club for pro traders only, and some of the best minds on the market are inside. It's a great networking opportunity and it will give you access to exclusive trading tips reserved just for the very best!

Taking The Academy Course Can Transform Your Trading Career

As you have just seen, this trading course has changed the life of many traders, and it has made a few of them into millionaires. So consider for a moment the value it can bring into your own life:

  • You'll join the experts and learn the basics of trading including options, orders, shorting, scalping, short squeezing, floats and more! ($300 Value)

  • How to find, research, read, analyse and trade trending stocks. ($1,000 value)

  • How to manage your bankroll, hedge your bets, prevent losses and manage your risk without gambling your capital. ($900 value)

  • How to spot big sellers and know when to get out of trades ($600 value)

  • Access to the same tools and systems the Pros use to find stocks ready to explode or burst. ($1200 value)

  • How to trade the news, FED announcements, earning calls and more successfully. ($400 value)

  • ​A complete overview of the money-making strategies that can actually help you grow your bankroll in the real markets ($500 value)

  • ​Ability to study and learn the full course on the go, in your office, at home, in your car, on the airplane and on any device - desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile ($300 value)

  • Market-based approach that makes it EASY to learn how to actually trade real markets and make money ($600 value)