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Meet Multi-Millionaire Day-Trader

Who Runs The Live Trading Room


Learn From Someone Who Has Built His Wealth From Day Trading

No BS, No Time Wasted, No Money Lost

Since 1999, Guy has been operating some of the most successful broker dealers and has built several successful trading businesses. That's how he learned the strategies that consistently beat the market on a day-to-day basis.


Now, he's turning his sights on helping others make sense of the stock market and proving that anyone can make money  day trading if only the know the secrets the Pros use.


"It takes time and experience to succeed in the stock market. But by learning directly from professional traders like myself, you'll cut the learning curve by 50%. By joining Live Trading Room, you'll make one of the most important decisions of your trading career."


Yours Truly,
Guy Gentile

Many Day Trades Are A Zero-Sum Game: The Best Win, And The Rest Lose
The Live Trading Room Puts The Pros In Your Corner, Working FOR You Instead Of AGAINST You

Don't Miss A Single Trade We Make


Watch Guy and his professional trading team in action with LIVE screen sharing. Get a unique viewpoint to traders in action as they demonstrate the methods and techniques only over 10 years' experience can teach you - right in front of your eyes.


Stay Connected To The Pros In Real-Time


Feel like a member of the team with live chat. Guy and the others clearly explain their strategies behind the trades as they happen. Feel free to ask them anything.

Learn To Read The Charts Like A Pro


As a successful trader, being able to interpret charts and patterns is vital to great decisions making. Guy and the team will help you analyse data over the live stream so you can spot great opportunities for yourself. Technical analysis features BIG!


Make Your Own Winning Trades With The Pros Behind You


The best way to learn is by doing, under the guidance of professionals. Guy and his team of day traders identify, explain, and execute live trades that you can copy and learn from.


Get Access To The Systems The Pros Use To Pick Winning Stocks


Access the same trade scanners and equity research as the pros.
As Guy sets up his trading week, you'll be the first to see the potential movers and shakers in the market to help you make the best deals.


YES, I Want To Join The Pros And Be A Winner


Here's What Will Happen If You Join And Put In The Work:


1. You Will WATCH

Live screen sharing with audio and chat so that you won't miss anything from our process

2. You Will LEARN

Watch and learn how the experts analyse charts and patterns to make the winning decisions

3. You Will TRADE

Start asking questions and trading with the Pros in real-time using battle-tested strategies

4. You Will WIN

Starting making your first money as a day trader and join the winning streak of the Pros.

If You Want To Learn To Trade Like A Pro, Nothing Compares To This Kind Of 'Over-The-Shoulder' Mentorship

Students Who Joined The Live Trading Room LOVED It...

"If you played basketball, would you rather get coached by a college player or a retired Hall of Famer who's been through it all?"


-Austin D.
Active trading room member

"From the moment I entered the Live trading room,I started learning. My learning curve went from a 3 to a 10"


- Jason K
Active trading room member


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